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Friends Women’s Retreats Mexico is Retreats for Women only and we are happy to welcome you!

GRAND OPENING  For Friends Women’s Retreat and VILLA STAR OF THE SEA  in January of 2015 on Playa de Cocos, Barra de Navidad, Isla Navidad, Jalisco, Mexico

If you resolve to spend more time with the girls in 2015 when your man plays golf, then come join For Friends Women's Retreats Mexico

For Friends Women's Retreats is about getting away with the girls and having a healthy relaxing time, on a beach in paradise. Chill at the pool, shop at the market, catch up, laugh and have fun.  So, why not be the only guests at this wonderful private Boutique-style Retreat, Villa Star of the Sea.

We encourage you to help us plan a unique trip for you and your guests. Family Style meals are included.

As this is a unique get away, your small group organizer will work with your host to create a unique experience just for women. Contact Eileen to help you plan your event. Your event maybe whatever you and your host plan, from shopping road trips to some of Mexico's unique art, clothing, Jewellery, furnishing, glass work, iron work destinations. From San Miguel D'allende, Delores Hidalgo, Tlacapaque, Tonala, Tasco, the choices and the destination depend on your interests.

We can accommodate 4 guests in two-per-room accommodation, with each room having two twin beds. This private villa will be yours to enjoy with your guests. No need to go anywhere, walk the beach, relax at the pool, visit near by small villages and more, with your host's task to make you trip as memorable as possible. We will strive to exceed your expectations.  We are a non-smoking retreat, health conscious, with a laid-back artistic, creative vibe. Getaways, with nothing but time to catch up over Margaritas and experience the sun, the waves the sounds of paradise! Challenge your host, Eileen, to custom tailor your trip to include, events and outings to your liking. Anything, from just R&R to shopping the hot shopping spots of Mexico.

Sometimes you need to just grab the girls and hit the road. As Elizabeth Lombardo, Phd, author of A Happy You: Your ultimate prescription for Happiness, says, "Medical Studies show that the bond between women is critical to emotional and physical health."

Combine and mix with laughter and it creates an unforgettable experience. So, what are you waiting for?  Pickup the phone and call Eileen to put the ball in motion !!